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I’m not saying that I’m blaming this on you

January 5, 2014

Look, I don’t know who’s responsible for this, but tonight I have a bit of a tickle in my throat. I’m going to take a whole bunch of vitamins and sleep for many hours and when I wake up in the morning I expect that everything will be back to normal. Right?


How many books will you read this year?

January 4, 2014

I’ve entered my name among the ranks of people who have foolishly decided to join the Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge. I say foolishly because I’m very sure that I have no chance to meet the goal I set of reading 100 books. In any case, the first book I’m reading is Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath. And that’s why I’m not writing any more tonight. Have to read…

I had a snow day today

January 3, 2014

Work was cancelled due to the snow storm, which was cool. But there are not nearly so many exciting things to do when you’re snowed in as an adult as when you’re a child. Seriously, I’m not going outside to play in the snow. That sucks. It’s cold and wet, and generally uncomfortable. Snow is why we invented the indoors in the first place.

So instead today we watched a couple of movies, ate leftovers, and then some cake. Not exciting, but I have to say that it was relaxing. So I guess snow days as an adult are pretty neat after all.

My dinner of macaroni and cheese was really grand

January 2, 2014


I got a Lodge cast iron dutch oven for Christmas and it is an amazing piece of cookware. Two nights ago I made Shepherd’s Pie. It was awesome.  Tonight was macaroni and cheese with Singapore seasoning. It was also awesome. In short, things that I cook in the dutch oven are awesome.

PS – You should probably get a dutch oven.

Starting the New Year on a budget

January 1, 2014

I’ve decided I need to use a budget tool this year to help manage my rather messy finances. I’ve started using the trial version of YNAB which I like a lot so far. Has anyone out there used this? Or are there other options that you might recommend? Go, go budget software and such…

Happy New Year and all that

December 31, 2013

I’m off from work today and am therefore sitting on my couch doing essentially nothing. Now you know that.

I’m going to the store to deal with the crowds today, because I have to

November 29, 2013

Dear America,

Normally, I think you’re a pretty cool place. I have relative freedom (though I’m keeping my eye on you on this one). I enjoy fairly inexpensive technological advances that would have seemed like magic 100 years ago. And I don’t even have to work myself near to death each day to get by. You get props for that, America, really.

But today I am not happy with you, America. No, today I must go to work and deal with what appears to be the natural outcome of the consumer culture that you’ve given us – Black Friday…

So you’ll have to excuse me if I’m not loving you today, America. Try me again after New Year’s Day.

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