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Blog news again, sorry it’s not more fun

March 22, 2013

I’ve spent a bunch of time today working on the site. If you visit regularly, you may notice some changes in the side bar layout. My picture and goofy bio are gone (that’s what the “About” page is for), and I’ve changed the large social media icons to simple links smaller ones. I’m really aiming for a cleaner look going forward in keeping with my desire to simplify what I do here; and I think the less there is that distracts from the content the better it will be for everyone.

I’ve also begun the process of cleaning up my categories and tags. I’ve gotten further than I thought I would already – there’s some interesting stuff back there at the beginning – and I’ve decided to narrow it down to only 6 major categories that I’ll use on a regular basis:

  • Blog News (Blog business, like this post)
  • Essays (Longer non-fiction writing, opinion, etc.)
  • Fiction (Short stories, excerpts)
  • Promotion (Posts linking to other stuff I’ve written)
  • Reviews (Books, movies, music, whatever)
  • Writing (Generally posts about writing)

Everything else (meaning the majority of the blog) will fall under the generic “Uncategorized.”

Categories such as politics, science, religion, sports, etc. will eventually be replaced with simple tags. In the long run I think this will be easier because there are plenty of topics to write about that can be, for example, both politics and religion. Slapping both tags on is easier that deciding which is the “best” category and cleaner than posting under multiple categories. I may be convinced to add another category as I progress, but I doubt it.

Oh, and if you have any ideas about how to make the site better or more reader friendly (you’re the experts on that), I’d love to hear them in the comments. Getting comments is basically my favorite part of doing this anyway, and I could always use the help.

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