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I am better at the game of 11up than you are

March 8, 2013


In fact, I only know of one other person who I would even call my equal. A college roommate and I used to frequently play the MegaTouch machine version of the above game in a few bars in the downtown New Rochelle area. If the machines are still there and have not been reset (which is doubtful), I would wager that our names still sit atop the High Scores lists.

The only reason I’m even thinking about this game right now is because of a conversation had tonight in which I learned that none other than the illustrious Lemmy is a fan of the MegaTouch video games. I’m almost certainly better than he is at 11up too.

Of course, I played my best games of 11up when I was slightly, um, drunk. My old roommate Bryan can attest to this… maybe. He was generally slightly drunk as well. In any case, now I must go attempt to break the magical 170,000 point mark in the version of the game which I have now installed on my Nexus 7.

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