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My morning has been filled with photos

February 2, 2013

I’ve spent this morning doing something I’ve been avoiding for years – literally. I’m finally organizing and syncing all of the pictures I have both on my laptop and online. This is taking a great deal of time, but I think it will be worth the effort. In fact I’m already seeing benefits in that I’m coming across pictures I didn’t even know I had.

Here are a few of my favorites so far:



This is our old dog Rudy. He was a good dog, though he has long since left us. He looks bored here, but I think he was just tired of being a photo test subject. It’s also the oldest digital photo I have with a date attached to it – May 2002.



This is a picture of a creepy bear. It’s a children’s ride, but in the dark it looks quite murderous. I may have posted this before, but I’m not sure.



Here’s my kid being goofy (she’s the one on the right). I don’t know where she gets that from.

Well, my last batch of photos are done syncing, so it’s back to the grind. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll write a post about how I’m organizing everything. Until then…

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