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Gallup says 75% of Americans are in favor of Congressional term limits

January 18, 2013

From Politico:

According to a Gallup survey posted Friday, 75 percent of adults nationwide back term limits for members of the House and the Senate, while 21 percent say they would vote against term limits. Term limits received bipartisan support in the poll: Republicans would back such a measure 82 percent-15 percent; independents would do so 79 percent-17 percent and Democrats favored term limits 65 percent-29 percent, even as most incumbents won their races again in November, Gallup noted.

This is a more difficult question than it might first appear. See the debate over on reddit for that.

I’m in favor of this idea though. If nothing else it should keep Congress younger, and it won’t allow for decades long relationships by a single member of Congress with any particular lobbying group – at least while they’re in the same elected office.

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