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The baseball writers have done it to us again

January 10, 2013

There will be no inductions into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year. None. In a year that saw two of the all time great performers in the history of the game become eligible, the illustrious Baseball Writers of America have stiffed us. Shame on them.

Barry Bonds, the all time leader in Home Runs, received just 36.2% of votes. And Roger Clemens, the winner of 7 Cy Young awards, received just 37.6%. Most will say that the reason that neither of these men were able to get more than half of the votes needed for election to the Hall of Fame was their connection to steroids. But that’s a poor excuse, and a hypocritical one.

The fact is that baseball writers are worse than petulant children. To have the audacity to fail for years to even report upon steroids in baseball, but then to use steroids as an excuse to keep deserving players out of the Hall of Fame is reprehensible.

The history of steroids in baseball would suggest that for most of the 90’s it was an open secret that a large percentage of players were using. It is impossible for me to believe that many, if not most, of the baseball writers didn’t know about this or hadn’t heard rumors. So it seems that they were fine with it at the time, but now that it’s public knowledge they’re protecting the game? Ridiculous.

The Hall of Fame should take steps soon to rid us all of the scourge that is baseball writers voting for players to be elected to the Hall. They’re doing no one any favors by keeping the greats of the game out due to some feigned indignation on their part, least of all the fans.

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