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A good day for police officers on the internet

November 29, 2012

Since the ability to easily capture pictures and video has found its way into the hands of the masses it has kinda been a thing to find police doing things wrong and record them. Maybe it was because of the whole Rodney King beating, but it seems as if people now are always trying to find cops behaving badly.

Well, today the internet seems to be taking a little step back in the other direction. Two stories came across my various news feeds this morning about police doing really good things. First there was the Sheriff at the Albany County Airport who refused to tread on the rights of free speech advocates. And then I saw a photo of a NYC officer buying socks and shoes for a homeless man in Times Square.

These things are nice to see; and, by the way, are more common than you’d think. Most cops – and having grown up with one around all the time, I should know – are generally nice, normal people just like the rest of us. They want to do the right thing every day and most times do. Of course there are some assholes in the bunch, every group is going to have those. And while it’s true that asshole cops can do a little more harm to society than, say, asshole bookstore managers; the nice ones can sometimes do a little more good too.

On a related note, and while I can’t be sure, the Albany County Sheriff in that video looks a lot like one who gave me a ticket a few years back right near the airport. He was super nice then also, if it was the same officer. And if not, then there are at least two large Albany Sheriffs with shaved heads who are stand up guys. So that’s a good sign for all of my friends back in Albany.

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