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Hurricane preparedness seems to have become a trend for me

October 27, 2012

So we’ve been in New Jersey for about a month, and we’re already about to experience our first natural disaster here. Hurricane Sandy – part of the so called “Frankenstorm” – is bearing down on the Atlantic coast; and since we currently only live about a mile from that coast, I think we’re up for front row seats.

On the plus side, due to what seems like fortunate topography we shouldn’t see much flooding near our apartment unless the storm seriously intensifies over the next day or so. But I’m fully expecting to lose power here, and I’m not sure how long that will last. I’m going to the grocery store later today to stock up a bit. And I’m going to top of the gas tanks in our cars too – if for no other reason than at least we’ll have a place to keep our cell phones charged should we need them.

I’ll keep everyone posted, and maybe I can snap some cool pictures to share during the whole thing. This isn’t my first experience with a hurricane. In fact, it’s actually not even my second. So that combined with watching the weather means I think we have a pretty good idea what this is going to be like. We’re going to sit tight until it’s over and see what happens. Good luck to everyone else who might be affected (which is everyone in the Eastern US considering the size of this thing), and stay safe.

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