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Best week ever… or, recently anyway

April 29, 2012

On Thursday I wrote about some of the areas of my life that I feel need more attention and hard work dedicated to them on my part, and so one of the small changes I’m trying to make to help me is to do a sort of weekly “personal inventory” for myself. I suppose that it kind of sounds a little self-helpy, but really it’s just a spreadsheet that I made where I can track my weekly progress on goals that I’ve set. I think it will be a good way to stay motivated and encouraged. Or, at least I hope it will be.

In order to fill out this sheet I’ve been using my phone in combination with some online tools as a resource for tracking everything that I do. Whatever I eat, every workout I complete, and every dollar I spend gets entered into one of a few specific apps that help me monitor my progress. It’s turned out that I actually really like doing this because it helps me keep tabs on myself and forces me to consider carefully before I buy anything frivolously or decided to eat that extra slice of Pizza. is a financial resource that has already opened my eyes tremendously about my spending habits. I highly recommend it if you have concerns about your own finances. Endomondo is an awesome workout tracking app that syncs with their own website and provides lots of great data. You can find my profile right here. And I’ve started using MyFitnessPal as an easy to enter food journal. It has a huge database of foods to choose from for tracking, and provides you with more great data on what you’re eating. Again, you can find me here.

Overall, when I look at the information these tools have provided me I can tell that I actually had a really good week last week. I went running 4 times and tracked over 8 miles. That’s twice as much as the week before, and I lowered my pace per mile by 40 seconds over the previous week as well. I ate better, and found that I took in just about the right amount of calories in just the right mix to keep my weight loss at a healthy pace.

My spending was also much better last week than it has been in a long time – as I actually have money left over this week to put in savings – but it still needs work. I can see that I bought lunch at work too often, and that I should concentrate this week on bringing it from home more. I made a couple of payments to lower some of my debt too. I feel really good about that.

As for writing, I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. I finished a short story that I’d been working on for a long time. I started another, but I didn’t get very far on it. I noted that I should really try and work on my writing earlier in the day. Once it gets later there’s just way too many distractions and I naturally don’t have as much energy to overcome them.

My days last week were, it turns out, full of those small wins I wrote about on Thursday; and I’m glad that I kept track of them. Doing so has actually allowed me to preserve those feelings of accomplishment for a longer period of time, and that helps me to look forward to a great week next week as well.

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