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I have overslept, but only slightly

April 27, 2012

I wanted to get up and go running this morning at 9am. It is now almost 11am and I have done nothing of the sort. Fortunately, I still have time today before I have to actually leave the house and go to work. So I’ll still be able to make that run, but it’s not always so lucky.

Oversleeping is one of those problems that doesn’t seem at all like a problem until the second you realize you’ve done it, and then it feels immediately like a crisis. I was laying in bed this morning and kept waking up and thinking, I’ve still got some time – I’ll just lay here under these warm covers for a little bit longer. And then all of sudden it became, Ahhhh! What time is it?! Is it tomorrow already? Where are my clothes?! I calmed down as soon as I realized that I still had plenty of hours left to do the things I needed to do today, but for that brief moment it felt like the world was ending.

There’s not much on my agenda this weekend. I have to do a rough edit of that short story I finally finished before I stash it away for a couple weeks to get some distance from it. I have to work of course, but that’s the nature of what I do. And my sister’s birthday is coming up, so we’re having a little family get together on Sunday. So actually, I have a lot to do this weekend. I guess I better not oversleep again until Monday.

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