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My Saturday is full of baseball

April 7, 2012

This is partly because I am laying on the couch sick, and don’t have the energy to do much else. But also because I have ensured that I will always have baseball this year through the package that I purchased. I’m running it through my PS3 and the quality is actually very good. There appear to be some buffering issues, but I have a feel that this is because the router we have in the house was issued by Time Warner in 2006. It’s time for a new one, so we’ll probably take the money we saved on the Apple TV box and just buy our own.

That said, our move towards cutting out cable is now essentially complete. I figured out how to avoid MLB’s antiquated blackout policy, which was a concern because we’re such big Yankee fans, and now all that remains is finishing off a few shows we still have to watch that are in the DVR. Then we can take the cable boxes down to the cable company and cut our bill by over $100 a month. These are exciting times, even if I am covered in blankets and doped up on NyQuil…

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