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Never listen to my sporting predictions

March 16, 2012

And just like that, half of my Final Four is gone before the 1st round (I know they call it the 2nd round, but that’s bullshit) of the NCAA tournament is even over. I am the worst person in the world at predicting outcomes of sporting events. So sorry Tar Heel fans, North Carolina is probably not going to win this tournament simply because I guessed that they would.

I think it all goes back to the 1996 World Series. The Yankees went down 2 games to 0 at home against the Braves, and I was hearing from numerous drunken college freshman (friends of mine mostly, as I was also a drunken college freshman) that the Yankees were doomed. I handled it with pride, of course, and assured them that the Yankees in fact had the Braves exactly where they wanted them and would go on to sweep the next 4 games – 3 of them in Atlanta – to win the Series in 6 games at home. This proved to be exactly what happened, but I’ve been wrong about almost every other sporting event since then.

I think the 1996 prediction must have used up whatever prediction mojo I had for the rest of my life. Maybe it even gave me reverse prediction mojo, and now when I predict things the opposite happens. Or maybe it’s just that no one can guess the future and I’m no different. Either way, my bracket is busted…

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