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My 24, well spent hours in Hartford, CT

March 10, 2012

Thursday afternoon, we drove to Hartford with the goal of seeing Les Misarables. I hadn’t ever seen it before, but I really enjoyed it. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I now consider it my favorite musical ever. Then again, the number of musicals I’ve actually seen can be counted on one hand without using up all the fingers; but seeing how full the Bushnell Theater was that night, I can safely say I’m not alone in having liked it.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the show, of course, but here’s a picture of the ceiling of the theater anyway.

I know, it’s like being there with me.

Anyway, before the show we went to dinner, and not knowing the city at all I used Google Places to track down a nice place. The service did its job quite well, and if you’re ever in Hartford at dinner time I suggest you go to eat at a restaurant downtown called The Russell. It was really fantastic food, and almost seemed cheap considering how good it was. We loved it.

The next day, we wanted to find something else to do in order to just enjoy a day on the road; so we looked around and found out that the Mark Twain House and Museum is also in Hartford. We decided a tour would be fun.

Again, there was no photography allowed in the house itself; but I did take a few pictures inside the museum. This one is my favorite.

Yes, that is a full size LEGO Mark Twain.

The tour was made really fun and informative by our tour guide Ross, and I’m glad we took the time to go. It’s a really beautiful house, and has been impeccably restored. Much of the interior was hand painted by Louis Comfort Tiffany, and it was obvious that Twain lived as large as his persona would suggest. Although, as is often the case, his wife was the one who was really in charge.

Once we left the Twain House, we took a slight detour that we actually had planned ahead of time. We went in search of the mysterious steamed hamburger. Actually, it wasn’t hard to find (thanks again, Google). We’d first head about this delicious sounding creation on the Travel Channel, and decided if we were ever in Connecticut we’d head down to a place called Ted’s Restaurant in Meriden.

It was well worth the trip. Steamed burgers are a thing of beauty and were quite delicious. It’s a very small place, and was full of customers; but the service was really pretty fast and I wish we had something like it here in upstate New York. I’d go there all the time.

So anyway, Connecticut was fun (except for the drivers – I have some concerns there) and it was a good little road trip. It’s too bad I have to go back to work tonight.

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