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I know way more about computers than my parents, but that’s life

January 31, 2012

I’m spending some time today cleaning up an older computer at my parents’ house. It’s actually my old computer – still running Windows XP – and it’s perfectly good for internet browsing or typing up papers (or blog posts) and such. Or at least it will be again now that I’ve deleted a bunch of useless programs, cleaned up the hard drive, and managed some of the updates that hadn’t been put through.

It occurred to me, though, as I sat here looking at this…

…that the kind of computing power I have in front of me right now on a small desk in my parents’ back room probably filled other rooms the size of their whole house when I was born. And that’s not even including the Android phone I have sitting off to my right out of view. What other technology has ever moved so fast? (the contemplative author asked rhetorically)

It makes me wonder, could it ever move too fast? Is it possible that there will be a time when technology advances faster than we can learn it? I understand enough about computers now to offer tech support on or to root an Android based ereader, to manage and clean up personal computers, run a blog, and I’m even learning to code a little. But how long will it be before I might have to forget the things I know and learn it all over again in a completely new way?

Perhaps never, I suppose. But if that time comes, what will we all do? When children can’t learn about technology fast enough to fix the broken crap in their parents’ homes, how will society function? I hope I’m no longer here if that chaotic and frightening future comes to pass. I don’t ever want to be the old guy who can’t figure out holo-calls or teleportation…

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