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We have a winner!

January 26, 2012

Ten days ago I put up a poll on the blog asking for some feedback about which of four unfinished posts you would most like to read based only on their proposed titles. For quite some time there was a tie, so I put it back on Facebook and Google+ a couple of days ago, and the tie is now broken.

The winner, with 48.39 % of the vote, is a post that will be titled The Disneyfication of American History. You may or may not see where that will be going. But, either way, I hope you’ll enjoy it once it’s done. I’ll be getting started on it this weekend, and will hopefully get it done within the next couple of weeks. Thanks everyone who visited the blog and voted.

And also welcome to a whole bunch on new followers that I’ve gotten in the last few days. I noticed a pretty big uptick in page views after I published my post on Joe Paterno, and another jump a couple of days later with posts about the Oscar nominated film The Artist and an awesome Android app I bought. I hope you’re all finding this a cool place to visit, and feel free to comment on or share whatever you find interesting. The more the merrier!

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