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Welcome to my new Google homepage image

January 23, 2012

UPDATE – For some reason (having I’m sure to do with Google’s algorithms) this particular page generates about half the traffic to my humble blog right now. I understand that this means that most of you reading this are here to grab that nice picture of a castle below. Feel free, though I have to admit that I didn’t take it and can’t remember where I even found it. The Gods of Attribution will punish me for that someday I’m sure, but until then you could maybe check out some of the other things I write here in this small corner of the internet. Or not, I suppose. Have a great day either way.

I’ve been tinkering with the best ways to sync my files across all my computers without having to pay a ton of money to a “cloud” service to do so. I think I’ve found it, and soon I will explain it all!

For tonight though, here’s a really cool picture I found that I saved using the cloudsave Google Chrome extension. This took it right from a web page and placed it in Picasa – where I have found a way to sync it to my laptop’s hard drive automatically. I could then upload it directly to this site after dryly explaining in this paragraph that I did it.


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