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Further adventures in cutting out cable television, and the joy of discovering a new show

January 11, 2012

In my effort to get rid of cable television I’ve been experimenting with a number of options that I think can help fill all of our televised entertainment needs. The first thing I did was subscribe to Hulu Plus through my PS3. It was a great decision, and I would do it again even if we decided to keep our cable TV. The reason for this is simple – The Criterion Collection.

There are currently 580 Criterion films available for unlimited streaming through Hulu Plus. That equals one classic film watched per week for over 11 years. For $7.99 a month, it’s a steal. But enough with my Hulu Plus commercial…

I also downloaded the Best Buy CinemaNow app for the PS3, which allows me to buy lots of movies and television shows (including current seasons a la iTunes or Amazon). It seems to be a pretty good solution so far for my television needs that aren’t available streaming on Hulu, but I’m not sure if it will have everything we need yet. Time will tell.

It does, however, have all the episodes of the show Wilfred. I downloaded the first one, and I’m hooked. If you have the opportunity to see it, you should. It’s based on an Australian show of the same name, and features Elijah Wood and a guy in a dog suit. It’s as ridiculously funny as it sounds.

I can feel the success of our cable cutting coming on strong, and it makes me happy.

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  1. Courtney permalink
    January 11, 2012 11:18 pm

    We cut our cable a while ago and went with Netflix and Hulu Plus (running both through our PS3) and I for one love it. I’ve found a lot of great shows and movies thanks to both. One I really enjoyed was the BBC’s Sherlock. Each season is only 3 episodes long. Only downside with that one is now we have to wait until May to view season 2 which those in the UK wrap up on Sunday!


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