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On running, t-shirt mishaps, and having a Happy Turkey Day

November 24, 2011

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! …at least if you’re in the U.S.

If not, Happy November 24th, everyone!

I’ve been up since about 6:30 this morning. And while many were watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I was running 3.1 miles with my mother, sister, aunt, and cousins.

Also, there were some other people there.

Over 3,000 people – or so we were told.

All of us gathered in beautiful downtown Saratoga to run in the 2011 Turkey Trot. We were told before the start that over $55,000 was raised this year for the Christopher Dailey Foundation, which was awesome. And it was a lot of fun, which was also awesome.

Frankly, I felt better than I thought I would at the end. I hadn’t really trained as hard as I could have. And while last year I was the family winner, this year the title goes to my younger sister Kate, who beat me by about 50 seconds.

Had you been at the event this year, you could have known all of us Kellys by our t-shirts.

No, that image is not reversed. My mother and my cousin Lauren made the shirts with some kind of iron-on kit. However, they somehow made the logos backwards. It’s all right though, as that’s pretty much how we Kellys roll anyhow. This kind of thing is not out of the ordinary.

Next year, I think we’ll go the more professional route for our attire. There are some new logo ideas being tossed about, and I want to have the best t-shirts at the race. That’s also how we Kellys roll.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having as wonderful a Thanksgiving as we are. For me it’s back to the grind tomorrow afternoon (the holiday shopping season is now officially upon us); but today I’m off to eat good food and spend time with friends and family. Enjoy yourselves!

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  1. November 27, 2011 6:15 pm

    Ah Saratoga, fun city. I lived and trained in Ballston Spa while in the Navy about 20 years ago.

    Funny shirt too and if it wasn’t a mistake, it would be funnier! Keep us in mind next year or any race in between where you’d want a custom t-shirt at Family Fan Club (


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