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The second annual “author runs in the early morning cold” event is almost upon us

November 20, 2011

In what has become an annual event (two years in a row is enough to call it that, right?), this Thanksgiving I’ll be running in the Saratoga Turkey Trot to benefit the Christopher Dailey Foundation. I must admit that I’m not quite in the same shape this year as I was last year when I ran it; but since it’s only a 5k I think I’ll be fine.

Two years ago I would never have imagined that I’d consider running for even 3 minutes straight, let alone 3 miles. But I decided last August that I wanted to get back in the kind of shape I was in when I was in my early 20’s. It has not been all success (as with most things I do I have good weeks and bad weeks), but since that time I’ve run in 2 5k’s and finished a 1/2 marathon (though quite slowly). So overall I’m pretty pleased.

I don’t plan to run this one particularly hard, and I don’t really have a time goal set. This is more of a family affair, with my mother and aunts and some cousins all running together. We’re also getting t-shirts I’m told, which should be interesting. If anything, it’s all an excuse to be able to pig out later in the day on Thanksgiving; but the money raised does go to a really good cause and a group that does a lot for youth services in he Saratoga area.

So wish me luck. Though if you’re thinking of saying something like “break a leg,” you may want to hold off. That’s not a very good line to use  on someone who has to run 3.1 miles.

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