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I’m going to New York Comic Con! (next year)

October 16, 2011

I took the train down to New York yesterday, and then back again. So I spent a good deal of time coming and going through Penn Station. It was a busy place because, as it turns out, there’s a lot going on down in New York City this weekend – including hundreds of people walking around wearing superhero and video game character costumes. All of whom (I hope) were on their way to the annual New York Comic-Con.

I’ve never been to a “con.” And for someone who fancies himself a writer, especially one who often reads and writes what could be considered fantasy, I wonder if this might be a problem. I mean, let’s imagine one day (as I often do) that I’ve become a relatively successful writer. Might I not need to attend some of theses conventions? I think so. Thus it would only make sense that I attend a few before that to find out what they’re like.

So I’m announcing today that I intend to go to next year’s New York Comic Con. Anyone who wants to go with me should let me know. We’ll take the train down. It’ll be grand, and fun times will be had by all.

Oh, but I’m not wearing a costume. Never mind that I used to dress up as superheroes all the time when I was a kid. And not just for Halloween either, we’re talking like the middle of May I’d be in a Spider Man suit. Please don’t ask me to prove this…

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