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Updates and such, and why I hate working at night

October 13, 2011

I’m on my break at work and I’m less sick than yesterday, so that’s good. The trouble is that I slept late today because I’m working this evening; and whereas yesterday I didn’t get any writing done because I was sick, today I simply can’t because I’m at work.

That said, my short story is still coming along well, and I like where it’s headed. To make a long story short, it’s kind of inspired by the television shows The Ghost Whisperer and Ghost Hunters; except instead of either being lame or totally fraudulent, my character is a gritty detective who more or less hates what he does. But due to his “gift,” it’s all he really can do. He hates ghosts like we in retail sometimes hate our customers (but not usually).

Also, I’m not sure how I didn’t discover this earlier. But Read it Later is just about the coolest thing around. It is, in fact, so perfect a tool for storing interesting stuff you want to, um, read later that I am going to actually pay $2.99 to buy the full featured app. I highly recommend it, especially because I’ve found that it’s so much easier to read lengthy internet articles on my rooted NOOKcolor than on my laptop or phone. I can find stuff anywhere, and read it where and when I want to. It’s what the internet should be.

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