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In which I root against the Yankees and declare umpires useless

September 26, 2011

I’m watching the Yankees/Rays game right now, and I’m a bit torn. I actually think I want the Yankees to lose this one. It’s a meaningless game for them, as they’ve clinched everything possible to clinch in the American League. But the Red Sox are losing, and a Rays win coupled with a Red Sox loss will bring both teams into a tie for the Wild Card playoff spot with just two games left. It would make me very happy if the Red Sox missed the playoffs this year. I just don’t think they deserve it…

A second point about baseball (which I’l be abnormally focused on in the next month with the playoffs starting up) is that baseball umpires are the worst officials in all professional sports. There is no accountability at all for consistently making bad calls. or for inserting their overblown sense of importance into the middle of games. Time for replay baseball – for basically everything.

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