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The worst part about watching Yankee games on a local affiliate is…

July 19, 2011

…this guy.

There’s something about local sportscasters that makes me want to tear my (currently rather unwieldy) hair from my head. No one outside of the Albany area likely knows who Dan Murphy is, so my apologies if this post seems a bit random. But seeing his face in every other commercial break is maddening.

While I’m sure he’s a very nice guy, I just don’t care at all about his opinions regarding what the Yankees should do in the trade market or how he views the bullpen situation. I  find it a great deal less relevant coming from him than coming from sportscasters who actually frequent Yankee games and, you know, live in New York City. Hearing him talk about it is a bit like hearing a drunk in a local bar talking about it, except at least I can respond to (or punch) the drunk.

Sorry, Dan Murphy…

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