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Hopefully soon you can find my smiling face in your search results

July 11, 2011

I’ve lost track of time tonight. Much of it has been spent fooling around and interacting on Google+. I really do like it – better than I liked Google Buzz. The feel right now on Google+ is still very similar to what it was at the beginning of Buzz because not a lot of people I actually know are using it yet. I can see the possibility of more and more people using it though in ways that I just couldn’t on Buzz. So I think Google+ is here to stay, and that makes me happy.

I’ve also done a little work on the blog layout. Mostly small things. You may notice my picture over there on the right side where it wasn’t before. Partly, I think it helps to have face to go with the big name on the top of the blog, especially if people happen by here who don’t really know me. But also I’m doing a little experiment with a feature Google is apparently rolling out for it’s search results, and it required a few small changes to the layout and code of the website.

I found this short article on Google+ today; and, if it what the author describes actually works, I think it will be a nice addition to what Google is doing. Read the article for a full description if you want (and if you have a blog of your own I recommend doing so), but basically what should happen if I followed the steps correctly is that soon an actual picture of me from my Google profile will begin showing up next to posts that I’ve written that pop up in Google’s search results. Cool.

I don’t draw a lot of traffic from search, as I don’t really write for that; but something like this certainly can’t hurt, right? I suppose we’ll see how it all works out, but at the very least it gave me something to do inside with the AC going on a disgustingly humid day.

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