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Finally moving forward on my novel again

July 10, 2011

Work on my novel has been stagnant of late. It happens to us all, I think. I’ll go through periods of frenzied writing, then I’ll sort of lose the trail of where I want the story to go. So I cut stuff out, let it sit and start things over. My novel has always had a beginning (and a good one if you ask me); but I’ve never been convinced of how I wanted it to end… until now.

I rattled off three pages of a rough outline last night that takes me from the beginning to the end, and also fills in most of what will happen in between. I’m very excited about this – as it means I have a destination now. Instead of plodding along blindly with no idea where I was going to end up, I actually know where I’m finally going to stop. There is, of course, much exploring still to be done along the way; but it’s exciting to know I’ve got somewhere that I can finally stop and know it will be the end.

Then the real work begins…

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