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I’m on Google+ now, and I like it a lot (with invites)

July 6, 2011

First impressions of Google+ are very good. It’s almost like Facebook “light” in the way it looks, but Facebook “extra” in the way it works.

My favorite part so far is the ability to create what are called “circles.” Basically that means you can share different things among different groups of people depending on your relationships with them. I could, for instance, put up a post about how crazy my family is, but only share it with my friends. Or I could make a post totally public and share with everyone – including a group called followers who may me people that you don’t know personally but still find interesting to hear from now and again.

More than anything else I think this has the potential to do the job separating the stuff that your friends are talking about on the web from the stuff everyone is talking about on the web that neither Facebook nor Twitter have been able to perfect yet. Here’s to hoping. I’ll post more about this once I’ve gotten in some time on there.

PS – I currently have some invites if anyone want any. They’ve been coming and going, but the more people on there the more interesting this thing will be I think. So let me know if you want me to try and get you one soon.

EDIT: Google invites are closed again. Sorry.

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  1. July 6, 2011 10:38 pm

    We’d love to have one! Thanks, Michael.



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