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In which a terrible special effects video on YouTube got me thinking

July 3, 2011

So I saw this video the other day. The first thing to note is that it’s chock full of really horrible special effects. I don’t suggest you watch all of it, because it’s a little long; but at least jump around a bit on it and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about:

Ok, now that you have some idea of the disaster that is this SFX video – and have most likely laughed at is as I first did – I have a question for you: could you sit down and make one that’s any better? It’s a question that I, for some reason, asked myself and I had to admit that no, of course I couldn’t. I wouldn’t even know how or where to start on a project like that, let alone be able to put together what is basically a 12 minute demonstration of my lack of video effects and editing skills.

Which got me wondering – is it better to complete a project even if you fail at it, or to start something great and never bother to finish it? I have to admit that I’m leaning towards the former. What good, after all, is a half completed project that never sees the light of day – even if it’s totally amazing. For that matter, how could one even consider a thing amazing if it isn’t yet finished? Wouldn’t a condidtion of a thing’s amazing-ness be that the thing is actually, you know, a complete thing? I for instance, have a half-done short-story that I think will be really good; but I’m not about to say that it is a really good short story, because right now it really isn’t even a short story at all.

I guess my point is that we should be careful about judging this special effects editor too harshly. At least he did something. Even if it is a really, really bad something – that’s more than I can say for me today.

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