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Fear-mongering and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

December 28, 2010

Another poor example of the backwards thinking that is “social” conservatism comes from Chad Groening over at One News Now:

Many pro-military pundits said they were sickened and angered last week when President Barack Obama ended 235 years of wholesome tradition by signing the bill that will effectively sodomize the U.S. military.

This is an amazing statement of bigotry and stupidity. First, am I an “anti-military” pundit because I believe our fighting men and women shouldn’t be discriminated against? I don’t know, but I think that makes me more pro-military than him actually. I also think calling for an end to unnecessary wars makes me a supporter of our troops because, you know, that will stop so many thousands of them from getting killed.

Second, while I have a great respect for most men and women in the military, can we really say it has had 235 years of completely “wholesome” tradition behind it? It’s not even completely wholesome now as, according to reports, rape is apparently an enormous problem in the ranks. But that’s probably not so big a deal for those over at One News Now, because all of that rape stuff is between a man and a woman anyway.

Which brings me to the third point. How can one seriously suggest that repeal of don’t ask don’t tell will “effectively sodomize” the U.S. military? Look, I’m not afraid of a little hyperbole now and again, but really? I hardly believe that there will suddenly be a rash of, as Alternet has so eloquently phrased it, “butt-sex” in the United States military because of this decision by the President and Congress.

Oh well, leave it to the American Family Association, the people behind the fake news that is One News Now, to stir up a little more fear whenever they get the chance. It’s what they do best, and it’s really all they can do when that pesky thing called truth shows it’s face.

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