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I made a poll

November 17, 2010

I’m interested in collecting a bit more data for something I’m working on. I know this isn’t very scientific, but that’s not really the point anyway. I promise I’ll be going somewhere soon with this. The more people who answer this one the better, and you may have to click through to the site if you’re viewing this in a feed reader. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

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  1. November 17, 2010 6:49 pm

    What a bizarre poll: is this meant to demonstrate how single-choice voting is inferior to ranked-choice or range voting? What drove the selection of these particular four choices?


    • November 18, 2010 1:12 am

      Good questions. I have my reasons for choosing these four. I’m planning to use them as examples in an essay I’m writing. Hopefully that will explain it further. It has to do with our perceptions of intellectualism in America.


  2. November 17, 2010 6:58 pm

    How is BHO not getting any votes?


    • November 17, 2010 7:00 pm

      More importantly, how *is* Beck getting any? Sarcasm?


      • November 18, 2010 1:09 am

        No, i was serious. I think the Pres tries to cultivate an “intellectual” image.


  3. Courtney permalink
    November 17, 2010 7:18 pm

    I hope his helps you get to where you want to go.



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